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About Gary Davis

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Welcome to Legends of Tattooing!

This Tattooing Book is two years in the making.

It has taken an extra 10 years to actually release it.

For many years, people have said to me…..

Why don’t you show your work or put something together that allows others to see and share what you do…

Well, it’s been a long time coming and I have been very fortunate to cover most arts and mediums, from pencil to ink, watercolours to paint, and paints to airbrushing. As for subject matter, in all my years nothing has pleased me more than FANTASY ART…

You can do what you want, as long as you enjoy what it is that you do.

My Fantasy Art Book

Designed for people wanting to draw fantasy art or learn the art of tattooing. This book is in black and white or pencil or commonly known in the industry as greyish. So for those of you it interests, it will be a real treasure trove of ideas. For those of you who are only beginners and want to learn fantasy art drawing, it will be a lifesaver, and for you the advanced who already know many things, it will be a wealth of fun to add to what you already have.

About Myself

I am Gary Davis – Who am I? Well, that’s not important. How will you know me? – This is how you know me.

Gary Davis Logo

Internationally known Australian artist and tattooist – Gary Davis – has delivered over 40 years of artistic experience and excellence to his remarkable flash art.

Highly prized around the world, Gary’s intense colours, flowing style and amazing variety of designs have earned him the respect and permanent place as one of the true legends in the tattoo industry.

From Brisbane, Australia – Gary’s considerable artistic talents go well beyond tattooing and tattoo design…

He is an accomplished painter, illustrator, sculptor, cartoonist, and graphic designer.

Utensils used in this book

Utensils used in this book

All that I have used is a HB pencil for the main work and dark areas, a GH pencil for lighter areas for ghosting. For those of you who do not know what ghosting is, ghosting is the very light areas of light work that you can only just see compared to everything else. From time to time a rubber and a ruler, and of course tracing paper. So as you can see, this art is not expensive to-do, but it does consume time, and patience, and extreme care.

As you will see throughout this book there is not much writing – the reason for that is that this book is not a book of writing, but a tattoo book of fantasy art work. The rules are easy, have fun, enjoy what you do, take your time and soak up as much as you can.




For people interested in drawing fantasy art this fantasy art eBook has been split up into 3 different stages or sections.

  1. An outline section
  2. A finished product section and finally,
  3. A step by step How-To section for those who are just beginning and need a closer examination of what I am doing with this type of art.

In the back of this book is a small How-To step-by-step section.

It will help you greatly.

The next step is up to you. Good luck.
You should have many hours of fun.
Take care and thank you.

Gary has released this book for a Limited Time Only..